Distribution with a twist

Scandinavias ApS only work with projects we believe in. We carefully examine the potential of products before entering into a cooperation to ensure that we are right fit for each other.

Our success is rooted in the fact that we are passionate about every single product we work with. We do not compromise!

Having someone represent you and your product is a matter of trust and close cooperation. You need to know, that you have chosen the right partner. Only through trusted partnerships can we create mutual benefit.

“At Scandinavias ApS marketing, branding, sales and logistics go hand in hand creating value for our partners and customers. We work with all aspects of the value chain to ensure mutual success.”

Klaus Huusmann, CEO

Our approach

Scandinavias ApS are focused and dedicated to the products we work with. With us, your product will not be yet another product on the shelf of a large distribution company.

Scandinavias ApS is passionate about all our products, and realize, that a long term success is rooted in engagement and willingness to do long term investments. This is where we distance ourselves from the classic definition of a distribution company. That’s why we call it “distribution with a twist”.

Utilizing large experience with sales and distribution all over central and Northern Europe we distribute our products through our large network within the supply chain and of numerous retailers – from smaller individual stores to the largest European chain stores. We do so in a targeted effort carefully planned in cooperation with our business partners considering the unique nature of your product.

We offer support, training and service to our customers without compromise. The user experience is of the highest importance to us.

We are marketing and branding experts handling all-round PR for our products:

Contact us to learn much more about what we can offer you as brand owner or potential business partner.

  • Social media
  • End user support by phone and mail
  • Influencer marketing
  • Magazines
  • TV commercials
  • Celebrities
  • Fairs and events
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