Modern distribution agency

Scandinavias ApS is a modern distribution agency highly experienced with launching innovative products in the Northern European markets. Through close partnerships with the brand owners, we secure a successful market entry, and handle everything needed to grow sales numbers and ensure long lasting product integrity to the benefit of our customers and our partners.

We work only with a limited number of brands, as we believe focus and dedication are cornerstones of our business and the essence of our mutual success.​


Scandinavias ApS insist to be a trusted and reliable partner to all we work with. In order to do so, we specialize is everything needed to ensure an effective supply chain:

  • Market compliance investigations
  • Early market entry evaluation
  • Market related product adjustments
  • Branding strategies
  • Product integrity
  • Marketing strategies
  • Social media, influensers, magazines
  • Customer service hotline (B2B and B2C)
  • Focused sales effort
  • Product training and seminars

Scandinavias ApS

Kristiansvej 13, 8660 Skanderborg - Denmark

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